Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

A home or apartment for rent

The dream of owning a home are many. For example, a study showed that about 80% of Germans want a home. But not everyone is in a financial position to afford a house or a condo. Furthermore, means a property, as the name already betrayed a certain immobility. Homeowner to be, of course, many benefits but on the other hand also a lot of responsibility. For outstanding renovation work can then apply and fast a few thousand euros, which then carry the homeowner.

Those who rent homes or apartments, has no such problems in general. The costs in the form of rent are manageable and easy to calculate. Unforeseen costs occur rarely and are mostly worn by the owner. Another advantage is the flexibility. Who needs to move for professional or private reasons, after appropriate notice period (usually 3 months) free and does not have the problems of having to take care of the sale of a home. Expensive fees for brokerage commissions remain such as a spare.

What to look for when hiring
If you look around for a new home or property, should consider the following when looking things.

At lease make sure that the stated rent equal to the rent index and whether it is a lease is a normal lease, or a graduated lease. Season lease when the rent can be increased at regular intervals. One good way is to ask neighbors what they pay in order to have a better comparison.

- Windows and doors always check for leaks and insulation back. Leaky windows in the winter can become real energy guzzlers.

- Walls check for moisture and mold out. Popular places for mold eg behind radiators and closets.

- Check the heating system. The building has a central heating system, or is there a water heater? A water heater for example eats a lot of power.

- What about the neighborhood? Also here you can again ask the neighbors. It is quiet at night?, Where is the nearest supermarket? What is the situation with Internet access (DSL)?

- Is there adequate parking? Is a basement or ground there? Where the car can be parked?

To create a detailed list of questions, you can be on the Internet to find any. There are checklists for download that can be helpful in looking for that dream home.